Digital electronic organs for home practice at affordable prices


There are a number of different occasions
when an organ is required for home use:

The church organist requiring access for practice at any time
without the need of a journey to and from church

The organist who has no other access to an organ

The pianist wishing to advance to organ playing

The professional and semi-professional organist
including teachers and those studying for organ diplomas

There are a number of important essentials
that are common to all organists

Value for money

High quality relating to:
The organ’s ability to simulate pipe organ sound and characteristics
The build and finish of the organ console

Comfortable to play
For organists at all levels
Pre-sets (pistons) to help with quick change of organ stops
Pleasing touch to manuals and pedalboard

A choice of pedalboard
Including full scale radiating & concave

Compact console option

A facility to use headphones for silent play

One, Two and three manual organs including lower cost


Please contact us for further details and current prices

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